We are Juno techno best seller

Thankyou to everyone who helped us achieve Juno Best seller, And basically best seller all round.

This accolade was awarded to us for the re-press of TDO Vol 1.

I know it was long awaited , and appologise for that, as seeing people blatantly trying to rip our dropout's off infuriated us . Some people were selling Vol 1 for over 100 euros.

I do appologise to any one who brought an expensive copy, as i did tell most people , re-press, was never gonna happen.

All i can say is sorry and you have the original stamped version , and afterall it about the music content yeah .

big thanx to our distributor RubaDub , for sorting the re-press and all our releases, we owe them alot. Never Forget.

watch thius space for future releases.

Thank you .